We are experienced in the identification, definition, quantification, and control of risks and
appreciate that risk management is not restricted to the early stages of a project; rather that it is an ongoing process over the lifetime of a project.
We manage risk and, should an event occur, we will assess the consequential cost, program and procedural impacts especially in the Agricultural Sector. We offer Agricultural Solutions in so many Value Chains existing in Agricultural Industry, our expertise brings the best know-how by collaborating with top.
academic, research and Agriculture institutes to provide sustainable support to our customers. We conduct feasibility study to examine a project and whether it can be a successful venture. The feasibility study encompasses a wide range of topics including (but not limited to): Land and soil survey, Infrastructure requirements, Topographical survey, Hydrological analysis Recommended technologies, Organizational structure, Financial and economic analysis Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the fields of agronomy, irrigation, animal husbandry, engineering, aquaculture and economics. Together we encompass all the aspects of the project in order to deliver success. Bobteg provides a complete line of agricultural services in order to support its projects:
• Mechanized services including tillage, planting, spraying,
cultivation, weeding and harvesting
• Supply of agro-inputs including seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, basic tools and other supplies
• Post-harvest and marketing services
Bobteg also conducts knowledge transfer by providing training and support:
o Provides training programs in Fisheries, crop production, Poultry Management,
irrigation, fertilization, tillage and soil preparation, plant protection and post-ha rvest


We offer Agricultural Solutions in so many Value Chains

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